Eric has been an asset to me both financially and personally. His investment recommendations are always backed with substantiated reasoning and over the last decade he has produced solid results for my financial portfolio.
-Jason S


Gold Investment Letter has given me new confidence and excitement in mining stock investing. This is a tough market to navigate but Eric has helped me keep my head screwed on straight and is priceless when it comes to the psychology of the markets
-Fergal F


I have worked with Eric for over 8 years now. Eric is always discovering new angles and has his finger on the pulse of the next big investment. If you are looking for a more aggressive approach to investing, with a higher upside on returns, I highly recommend Eric. Eric is trustworthy, a great connector, and a very good resource for private investment knowledge.
-Neil S


I have worked with Eric for 7+ years in various capacities. During this time Eric has always represented himself and his company with the utmost integrity. When faced with obstacles or challenges Eric is always creative in his attempt to find solutions. During our time working together we have become very good friends which is a testament to time Eric’s puts in to getting to know his clients.
-Paul M


I have personally known Eric for over 3 years. Professionally, his results have been nothing short of spectacular. Highly driven, packaged with rock solid ethics have given me new life in my retirement out look. He continues to provide sound financial advice through these tough economic times while remaining creatively optimistic with his ideas.
-Mike D