FACT: Gold Is Still CHEAP! Silver Is Even CHEAPER!

Millions will be made in gold and silver stocks in the coming years of this bull market. Will you participate and make a killing with our subscribers? My name is Eric Muschinski and I am the editor of the Gold Investment Letter. I welcome you to benefit from our research, contacts, and passion for profiting in the markets NOW. We will guide you to sit tight and buy near bottoms, while staying disciplined by taking profits to protect your principal and ensure maximizing your gains in this volatile gold bull market. I have been recommending to my clients and accumulating gold and silver since 2003. Frankly, the best is yet to come as the bull market enters it’s inevitable frenzy stage and gold/silver stocks make savvy investors rich (or richer!)!
Just look at the performance of the following stocks in the last 5 years of the last commodity bull market (quotes for share prices in 1975 and then in 1980):

Lion Mines from $.07 to $380.00 per share!
Bankeno from $1.25 to $430.00 per share!
Wharf Resources from $.40 to $560.00 per share!
Steep Rock from $.93 to $440.00 per share!
Mineral Resources from $.60 to $415 per share!

**An investment of $700 (10,000 shares) of Lion Mines in 1975 would have netted a total profit of approximately $3,800,000 if held for 5 years.
You get the picture! We will enter a stage of the “frenzy” period of this gold/silver bull market that could make the performance of the 1970’s market look like a whimper! However, if gold/silver prices increase only half the percentages they did into 1980 highs, we are looking at much higher prices from today with the metals even scarcer to find via exploration companies. Today, gold/silver shares are trading at significant discounts to the metals, so we are nowhere near the end of this potentially monstrous frenzy about to come in mining shares.
Why the Gold Investment Letter? Read our bio here. The Gold Investment Letter will give you unbiased (we do not get paid by the companies we recommend), specific, and actionable recommendations on our favorite picks. We tend to prefer listed stocks that are not heavily promoted and will provide ample liquidity for our subscribers. So, register for our free e-letter, get our top pick, and get to know us at no risk to you!
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