Zenyatta Ventures Special Report – Exclusive Offer

Gold Investment Letter was early in its buy recommendation of Zenyatta Ventures on April 17th at 39 cents per share. The stock has soared over 560% from our initial recommendation and over 1200% since we pounded the table to buy more at .18 cents in our August 2012 updates to subscribers. We believe over $10 Million in profits has been influenced by our coverage of the stock thus far and we don’t anticipate being a lone “voice in the wilderness” much longer as investors catch onto this story. We are now early with our analysis of Zenyatta’s potential value, now that purity results are public and we have what we needed to determine how high the shares may trade!

For a very limited number of investors (Only 30 copies available!), we are offering our special report on Zenyatta at the perfect time. We believe we have information in our report that can help you maximize your profits in this stock and help you make an informed decision in a new and sometimes complicated resource sector … Graphite. We also believe the data in our report is unique, not widely known, and will blow you away! Not to mention that investing in our research will give you a massive edge on the street by helping determine the potential value of the Albany Graphite deposit, how much it will cost to produce, and the Net Asset Value, which will be used to ultimately determine the share price.

Most investors will wait for a Pre-Feasibility Study that will take up to 12 months to be released to figure out what Zenyatta’s market capitalization should command in the marketplace. However, we believe that current public data on the drilling and purity numbers gives us a highly educated probability of how valuable this company is because of their gigantic vein graphite discovery. If you own at least 5,000 shares of ZEN or are considering a purchase of shares, our report is a must! We published a price target range of $2-5 per share when the stock was trading under 30 cents and many people thought we were crazy but clearly we saw something unique. Now, armed with the information that we were waiting months for, we are confident we see more that others do not yet understand.


To add ongoing value to the exclusive individuals that pull the trigger on our report, we are offering the following:


Here’s what you do NOT get with purchase of the report:

We believe the information contained in the Zenyatta report could command $10,000 and still provide massive value. However, in an effort to make this affordable without completely discounting the value and integrity of our research, we are offering our Zenyatta Ventures Special Report for 30 investors for the low price of $997.