Trying to get a cut into the multi-billion dollar precious metals market that includes graphite stocks, Zenyatta Ventures, best gold mining stocks, and many others? Here are a few stock picks if you’re getting started in the precious metal market.

Zenyatta Ventures
is an established graphite mining company that works out of Thunder Bay in Ontario. They have recently found and claimed a number of large graphite deposits in their location. Investing in their venture will almost guarantee profits as the graphite is pulled up and refined, then sold.

Another great buy is Berkwood Resources Limitd (BKR on the stock market). It’s currently very inexpensive, but it’s on the edge of huge increases, which makes 2012 the perfect year to buy. It mines primarily in South East Asia, as well as North America, for both gold and silver. They recently discovered the enourmous Cimandiri Gold Prospect, with a span of almost 11,000 hectacres in West Java, and their stocks are poised to go through the roof.

A great silver stock to invest in is Silver Bear Resources Incorporated (stock symbol is SBR). It has discovered over 18 million ounces of silver, and counting. It’s had large market gains over the past year and makes for a tried and true, solid investment to add to any precious metals portfolio.

If you buy into any or all of these companies via the publicly traded stock market or even private stocks or ventures, you should see large increases in your portfolio’s value. Precious metals always increase in value; historically you can’t lose out investing in gold, silver, or graphite. Precious metals are some of the safest investments on the market today, even though the past few years have made the stock market rocky terrain to tread.

Disclaimer: None of this is legal advice, and we are not to be held accountable for any gains or losses.


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