The day is upon us where the tide in gold and mining stocks is turning. The last 4.5 years has been brutal on shareholders of gold stocks but now is the time to isolate the top companies to buy and hold throughout the next bull cycle, which will lead to the blow off-frenzy stage in gold assets. I expect some juniors to go up 100 fold or more between now and when gold prices are trading above $2,000 per ounce. My long term target on gold is $3,200. If/when we see that price in US dollar terms, some investors that bought now during the depths of a washed out market, will have become wildly rich!

But, it takes not only contrary action, but high caliber research in selecting which stocks will outperform their brethren. I’ve spent the last few months compiling my top ten junior gold focus list and it consists of only very high quality, and in some cases, undiscovered jewels of the sector. We have free pickings to buy the best of breed ideas at pennies on the dollar as there have been no stocks spared the rod in this brutal correction.

I have isolated ideas that have substantial investors taking recent stakes, true mining legends, that know exactly what they are doing, and have done the due diligence for us to a large degree. In other cases, we’ve found millions of ounces of gold that we can buy for free because the company’s stock is trading at cash in the bank levels. I truly have pulled the juniors with incredible stories, assets, investors, and balance sheets to thrive in the next market upturn.

Some of these stocks are not hugely liquid, so it takes time to accumulate positions. Now is the time to hone in and begin adding to junior miners that will go up 20-50 even 100 fold in the next gold bull.

Just look at the performance of the following stocks in the last 5 years of the last commodity bull market (quotes for share prices in 1975 and then in 1980):

Lion Mines from $.07 to $380.00 per share!
Bankeno from $1.25 to $430.00 per share!
Wharf Resources from $.40 to $560.00 per share!
Steep Rock from $.93 to $440.00 per share!
Mineral Resources from $.60 to $415 per share!

**An investment of $700 (10,000 shares) of Lion Mines in 1975 would have netted a total profit of approximately $3,800,000 if held for 5 years.

We are facing the exact same situation here in late 2015, but today’s bargains are even cheaper, and gold will go even higher than the late 1970’s bull market. Do not wait, grab our special report being released this at the end of October, 2015 and have an edge most investors do not. Some of the names you will recognize but many you will not have heard of before. I will explain the key investment thesis behind each company in easy to read language for investors.

I will only be offering 30 copies of this report for now and won’t re-release it until the first tranche of investors have had ample time to accumulate on the cheap. You’ll receive the special report ($2,997 value), one year of GIL premium membership (to new subscribers-$468 value), and be on the short list to invest in private placements (if an accredited investors) alongside Eric. Several of the juniors on the list will be giving us access to limited amounts of their next financing, that includes discounted pricing and warrants.

Buy now and secure your position before the offer is closed!

UPDATED November 2016


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