The recent upheaval in the stock market has caused many individuals to reconsider where they place their investment funds. Every day countless individuals ask the important question of “Where can I invest now?” For many the answer is to invest in commodities. Commodities have shown to be a much more secure investment during a down time period, such as we are now experiencing. Commodities come in a wide variety of types and ranges. Any individual who chooses to invest in commodities should be aware of the various options available to them. Investors can either invest in the physical commodity itself or as many are currently doing invest in the companies that procure the commodity. This brief article will take a look at the most popular of commodities, gold, and various ways to invest in this it.

Gold by far is the most popular of all commodities traded today. Many invest in gold directly. It is now not uncommon to find individuals who have gold bars and items in their possession. Many others are taking a different route with gold. Many are finding it wise to invest not in gold alone but also in gold mining stocks. Individuals who invest in these types of stocks often look for which producers have the best potential to be one of the best stocks for the year. But which is the best mining operation to invest in? Many insiders consider Jaguar mining to be one of the best gold stocks 2012.

Jaguar mining has many positive points in their favor. These points combine to a great stock to invest in. The company is located in Brazil with its chief operations located in Minas Gerais. The company has shown great results from their mining efforts. They proudly boast of land holdings totaling 256,300 hectares. They expect to be able to produce a staggering 400,000 ounces per year by 2013. The company is able to make such high predictions based upon its expert discovery team. Combine all these facts together and it appears that this stock is one to grab onto for the foreseeable future.


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