When it comes to investing in stocks, you will meet two types of people… those who want nothing to do with it, and those who think about the potential gains of becoming a millionaire with the right stock.

Unfortunately there are not many stocks out there that will make anyone a millionaire in a short period of time, however, with the recent activity in the gold markets, gold stocks are looking more attractive then ever.

In 2011 we saw gold prices hit all time highs, then soon after moved down to make a new leveling point. Right now analysts and investors are waiting for that next huge boom in gold prices.

With the world markets all over the place and different currencies depleting to nothing, the standard of a gold economy is where many investors think we are headed.

Investing in gold stocks is much easier than you think. All you need is an online trading account, and knowing the symbol of the stock you want to buy.

Corvus Gold is a popular gold stock that is currently traded on the open market. If you were to look up the stock symbol for this company, you would see it as “TSX: KOR.TO”. You would then take this information and place it into your online trading account, which would allow you to purchase shares in the gold company. You could then buy and sell at any time.

The future of gold stocks is looking bright. If you really wanted to gamble and bet on huge potential gains, gold penny stocks might be more exciting for you to invest in. While most penny stocks will stay in the penny range for a while, if there is any significant news or big hits on mining gold deposits, you could see a huge jump in their prices over night.


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