If you looked at the stock market today, you might think now would be the best time to invest in gold stocks. With the stock market at nearly the highest point it’s been in years, gold may be your best investment, as the rest of the countries in the world have continuing to have financial crisis.

Last year the world watched as gold prices shot to new record highs. Some analysts are still predicting we may see gold prices pass $2,000 an ounce in 2012. If we are to see these prices again, it would be a great opportunity for you to be holding some of the worlds best gold mining stocks.

Unlike other stocks that tend to move with the world markets, gold is a safety net and a world currency of it’s own. You can start trading and invest gold stocks into your portfolio right now the same as you would with any other stock.

If you’ve never traded stocks before, it’s much easier than you think. The first thing you will need to do is setup a stock trading account, which is as simple as providing your basic contact information, then funding the account with some money so you can start investing.

Once you know what gold stocks you want to invest in, you can start buying and selling them on your own, without the need to talk with a broker or sales person.

An active gold mining stock that is gaining a lot of attention lately is McEwen mining, which is currently trading under the symbol “MUX”. For example, if you wanted to buy shares in this gold mining company, you would use “MUX” as the trading symbol within your trading account, along with the amount of shares you would like to purchase.

As a stock hold in mining companies, or any companies, you can buy or sell, or hold your stock for as long as you like. Since it’s usually only a few dollars to buy and sell your shares, you can jump around between different stocks, or sell for quick profits.

The future of gold is looking bright and with the world markets and economy in turmoil, we may not see gold at these lower levels again. Is not the right time for you to start investing in the world best gold mining stocks?


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