Graphite stocks have been on my radar recently and now I am acting on this burgeoning and potentially red hot sector. In fact, I believe the rise in graphite stocks recently is akin to the 2001 time frame in gold shares and 2009 in rare earth stocks. We are EARLY and that is the key to making huge money in any sector that is bound to catch fire and see expanding awareness. One of the many main drivers of Graphite prices (which have skyrocketed) is the future use of Graphene, which may someday replace silicon.

As an introduction to this sector, I’m including two links about the sector here:

The video and article will take you 20 minutes to review as a primer. Tomorrow morning we’ll be recommending a small cap Graphite company that has massive potential. The stock moved abruptly with all graphite stocks in March from 15 cents to over 40 cents, has been consolidating, and appears ready to resume its uptrend into new highs. This is a possible 10-20 bagger. Lastly, James Dines recommended his first graphite stock 2 weeks ago to his interim warning bulletin subscribers and his next issue (early next week) should spark the sector further as he lays out his Graphite investment thesis. Dines is notorious for calling new hot sectors early and our buy recommendation tomorrow has the potential to be his next pick in the sector.


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