My new buy recommendation is Zenyatta Ventures (ZEN.V-ZENYF.PK) today at 39 cents. I think you can buy this up to 45 cents and gobble up anything on pullbacks from here under that price. If ZEN is sitting on a graphite deposit that is anywhere close to what their airborne survey indicates, this stock could turn into a monster. I believe putting chips on the table in the graphite sector immediately is worthy of speculation and ZEN could have the most exciting catalysts in the sector once they release drill results on the Albany Project in Ontario. Read a great summary of the discovery here:

The Voisey Bay nickel discovery is referenced in that article. I am quite familiar as there was a riveting book written about this stock and the promoter behind it (Robert Friedlund) called The Big Score. For any of you who enjoy a wonderful investment/mining read to capture your attention over a weekend, I highly recommend this book:

We have a buy recommendation by a NY hedge fund manager on ZEN and a great overview of the graphite boom here:

ZEN is beginning to come onto the radar in the space and if their next drill results indicate this could be a monster discovery, we could be in for quite a ride! This sector will be highly volatile going forward no doubt. And, because no companies are even going to be producing from their properties until late 2013, revenues will not be in the mix for some time. However, discoveries can drive share prices to the moon and ZEN may have more than one discovery at Albany. In the Big Score, Diamond Fields stock went from pennies to hundreds per share (I won’t say exactly where as much of the book is focused on the final bidding war for the company).

If you like to speculate, this is the hottest sector in the market and more than likely, just getting started.


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