The year 2012 promises a good year for gold as of February delivery rose in the Commodity Exchange of the New York Mercantile Exchange to a high of $25.90 or 1.7%, to close at $1,566.80 an ounce. It climbs back after a series of losses to a 10% increase as the year 2011 ends.

Best gold stocks 2012 may still be a roller coaster ride for investors this year. Oil and gold are still flaming up the stocks exchange market while other precious metals from the mining industry follow closely.

The yellow metal is still at par despite the slight slide Tuesday morning when it hit $13.89 or 0.9%. It was traded for $1,594.92 per ounce in the Comex division. Gold still largely dominates the metal industry in terms of its rate in the market. Following closely is silver which also fell to a low of $0.42 or 1.4%, hitting a $28.85 per ounce as gold price decreased.

Promising as it may seem, it is still better to adhere to the Gold Stock Newsletter updates. Free Gold Stock Analyst or GSA updates are available for reference on which company tops the market in terms of gold investment. It may be a lucrative asset indulging in the trade but caution for your choice is still advised for a worthy investment. Top picks are usually chosen along with the Gold Mining Stocks to guide potential investors that want to indulge in the trade. Here are some of the top ten choices for gold stocks by the Gold Stock Analyst (arranged alphabetically):

1. European or EGFDF

2. FrancoNV or FNNVF

3. Goldcorp or GG

4. Golden Qn or GQM

5. Golden Star or GSS

6. Minefinders or MFN

7. Northgate or NXG

8. Royal Gold or RGLD

9. Silver Whtn or SLW

10. Yamana or AUY


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