Gold is in a secular bull market that started in 2001 at a price of $250 an ounce and has gone to nearly $1,900 an ounce in recent months, equating to almost a 660% return. Many who invested in gold stocks during that time have not performed as well.

The best gold mining stocks have skyrocketed while others have seen their stock prices languish. If you would have invested in Rangold in 2002, you would have enjoyed a nearly 4,000% return, far outpacing the increase in gold. On the other hand, several mining companies have gone out of business during that time or now trade for pennies. Investing in miners successfully requires top notch advice and the latest information in order to pick the right stocks. One of the best sources of this information is a newsletter.

When you subscribe to a gold newsletter, you need actionable advice so you can invest in the best gold mining stocks. Investing in miners blindly because gold is doing well can spell financial disaster. Each miner has its own set of strengths and weaknesses that must be evaluated prior to making a profitable investment.

The writers of newsletters are typically astute investors who can help you evaluate companies operating in the complex mining business. The best gold newsletters include a mix of stock picks and industry news. The stock picks should be backed up by fundamental analysis of the financial results, interpretation of geology surveys, and evaluation of the political environment the mining company operates in.

Before subscribing, download sample newsletters from several analysts to determine if the information it contains meets your needs as an investor. Once you find one or more you like, evaluate the subscription as an investment. Determine how quickly your investment would pay off with just one or two profitable ideas.


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