Mining is quite a profitable business. It is one of the few industries that have largely remained untouched by the current global economic recession. Even the stock markets turmoil did not affect mining stocks and they kept performing well and beyond expectations.

Interest in minerals and commodities has been fueled by increased demand for these products by countries such as China. China’s economy is one of the world’s fastest growing and has been growing at unprecedented levels of between 8 and 10 percent for over a decade. China’s economy has been booming with construction industry and the manufacturing sectors recording impressive growth figures.

Companies around the world that deal in commodities, especially gold, have registered impressive sales figures and the future still remains bright. In Brazil, one of the largest mining companies is Jaguar mining. This company mines gold across Brazil and sells the same to a global consumer market. China is one of the largest buyers of gold. Its industry is booming and demand for metals and other commodities is still quite high.

When most stocks and equities were performing poorly at the stock market, commodities and stocks such as gold stocks were doing well. These stocks have been performing well and recording impressive returns to investors. Many investors put their money in gold and gold stocks as the price was appreciating while currencies were losing value.

In Brazil, gold stocks such as jaguar mining shares are recording impressive growths. Since most investors decided to put their money in gold, the price soared and those that entered the market early made a killing. They have seen the value of their stocks grow, increase and gain in value. Wise investors understand that commodities are a safe bet for as long as China’s economy as well as other emerging markets’ economies keep performing well. Demand for metals is high and the stocks keep performing well.


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